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Buyback FAQ

  1. When can I sell back my books?
  2. We buy back textbooks all year round, just stop on by and bring them to our customer service counter.
  3. How is a books value determined?
  4. There are many things that can effect the price of a textbook. In order to get top dollar for your book it must meet these 3 requirements:
    1. The book is being used by faculty for the next semester.
    2. It is in good condition and includes any CDs or supplemental material.
    3. It is needed for us to stock our shelves for the upcoming semester.
    Books that are current editions but are not being used by a faculty members may be sold back at a national market value. These books are usually sent out so that other schools may use them.
    Some books have little or no value at all and are better kept in your library. These are generally old editions, books damaged from water or other means, and books that have gone out of print.